commercial hvac repair issues

3 Common Commercial HVAC Repair Issues Business Owners Deal With

September 10, 2020

No matter what type of company you run, effective commercial heating and air conditioning systems are essential for businesses around Schertz and throughout the state of Texas. Knowing how to recognize and respond to common commercial HVAC repair issues helps you maintain a comfortable, safe and healthy environment for both customers and employees.

Chemical Leaks

Chemical leaks are a fairly common problem in commercial HVAC repair and should always be treated as a priority issue. Oil or refrigerant leaks from the system can indicate a serious fault in the unit itself and can also pose a risk to workplace safety and the local environment. Loose fittings, cracks in the casing and other structural wear-and-tear are typically to blame and require professional repair work to fix.

Airflow Loss

An increase in power costs or a recent inability to meet thermostat settings are signs of a serious flow efficiency loss in your system. There are many potential causes for this, including expired filters, clogged ducts and damage to system components. Adhering to a preventive maintenance schedule and getting regular inspections is the best way to head these problems off before they cause complications.

Thermostat Failures

Commercial heating and air conditioning systems are equipped with sensors associated with each thermostat. Sensor problems are a common issue across all types of HVAC setups resulting from physical misalignment, damage or premature failure of the device. Faults in the circuitry or wiring inside the thermostat can also cause sporadic or ongoing issues with system operations.

System maintenance and proper handling certainly minimize the risk of serious problems developing with your heating and air conditioning units, but every company should expect to allocate some of their budget on periodic system repair work. For more information about professional business heating and air solutions, check out Barrett & Sons Inc’s commercial HVAC repair service or call us for more details.

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