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How to Turn Your Closet Into a Wine Cellar in Schertz, TX

January 21, 2021

For many people, having a wine cellar in their home is a dream, and this dream is achievable with a little ingenuity and professional help. Your Schertz, TX, wine cellar doesn’t need a basement location or complex system when you create it inside a closet.

Choose a Closet

Building a wine cellar closet requires extra closet space and smart planning. Choose an average-to-large interior closet to convert because interior closets provide stable temperature conditions.

Make sure the closet is dark and can sustain a temperature between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Refrigeration requires a vapor barrier and 1-inch rigid insulation. Consult an HVAC specialist for the insulation installation and other climate-controlled solutions.

Install Shelving

It’s impossible to store wine without some type of shelving. Insulation lined with plywood creates the perfect mount for shelving.

Wine racks or crates are also mountable and suitable for your wine closet. Mounting makes shelves, racks or crates adjustable, so you can adjust the shelving to accommodate any bottle size.

Install Low-Heat Lighting and Seal the Door

If you want or need lighting inside your wine cellar closet, choose low-heat lighting. Low-heat lighting, like LED lights, won’t raise the cellar’s temperature so that your wine remains within the ideal, cool temperature range.

LED lights work in refrigerated or non-refrigerated wine cellars. But if you have a refrigerated cellar, seal the door and add extra insulation. A refrigerated closet cellar also requires an opaque door or dark or low light outside the space.

Consider Refrigeration

Wine cellar refrigeration isn’t a necessity; it’s just nice to have because it adds a layer of temperature and humidity control. This provides wine and cork preservation, which is desirable for wine enthusiasts.

When considering refrigeration in a wine cellar closet, space matters. Generally, small closets aren’t ideal for wine storage or refrigeration.

Refrigeration requires extra insulation, a drainage system, load considerations, electricity and expert help. Call Barrett & Sons Inc for a wine refrigeration consultation with experienced professionals.

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