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Is Your Indoor Air Quality Good for Your Staff’s Health?

March 11, 2021

Have some members of your staff been complaining about respiratory problems, fevers, coughs or headaches? If they have, chances are the air quality in your building in Schertz, TX, is poor. Luckily, there are some efficient ways to improve your indoor air quality to keep your employees comfortable and productive.

Keep the Workplace Neat

Many offices experience poor indoor air quality because of dust, allergens and other contaminants in the air. Check how clean your workplace is and how often you clean it. If you make sure to clean the whole building thoroughly and regularly, you can expect the air to be purer.

Replace Your Air Filters Often

Your HVAC system is one of the first places to check if you want to improve your indoor air quality. That’s because the system is usually involved in circulating and filtering indoor air.

As the system runs, dust and debris usually gather behind the air filters. If you haven’t been receiving regular professional HVAC maintenance, chances are that the filters are dirty and clogged. That means that you need to get an expert to assess and replace them as necessary.

Optimize Your Ventilation

You also need to make sure you have sufficient ventilation. Open the windows as much as possible to allow fresh air to come in.

Also, check the air vents. Are they blocked? Remember that objects, such as cabinets, storage boxes and chairs, could be obstructing the air vents.

Ask a Professional to Test Your Air Regularly

Make it a habit to test your air regularly so you’ll have the right information to help you improve the air whenever necessary. Some of the factors a professional would check include humidity levels, odors, ventilation and dust. All these affect your workplace’s indoor air quality.

If you want someone to help you improve your indoor air quality today, call our team at Barrett & Sons Inc. We also repair, maintain and install residential and commercial heating and cooling systems.

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