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Barrett & Sons takes pride in the quality HVAC service we deliver to the residents and business owners of South Texas, San Antonio and the surrounding areas. We value their wellbeing and will continue to always prioritize their air conditioning and heating needs first. Read for yourself what our customers are saying about our company and feel free to give us feedback on our services.

"I just wanted to take the time to compliment Michael, too many times we hear a lot of complaints and not enough compliments. Michael is a very kind person who obviously cares about his job his attitude proves it. He had to walk back and forth through the office to get to thermostats and check the temperatures several times and everyone who interacted with him just had nothing but positive things to say about him. We enjoyed having him!"

- Genevieve H.

"I really appreciate all your help in getting the repairs completed on both our Liebert and chiller units. It is an understatement to say that we are impressed by the professionalism, knowledge and ability of Stephen T. You mentioned that he is new to your organization, and he is a true blessing to our company. He has been right there, helping out wherever and whenever this past week. From providing immediate repair, to primary research into the problem, to clear communication and follow-through, we could not have done it without his expertise, thoroughness, and patience."

- Fran Villarreal, M&S Imaging, NEIC Associate Director

"I am writing to compliment Greg on his tenacity and commitment to fixing the boiler. Our house is warm and comfortable. I have monitored the boiler and it is striking first time each time I check it out. Please give Greg my thanks. He promised he would get it done and he did."

- Killis A., FAIA

"I just wanted to say thank you for the quick service response we received today. I am a very happy customer (much cooler too)!"

- Maryann Acola, Executive Director, San Antonio Youth Literacy

"I just want to take a moment of your time to reflect on how Barrett & Sons A/C rescued our home this late Summer and how Todd and Greg Rankin worked with me to solve the myriad issues my current Lennox A/C system presented between the main drain blockage, the emergency drain breach causing thousands of dollars in damage to our home, and the duct work system static pressure issues discovered by the other Greg during his visit. The unexplainable 13# R-410a refrigerant shortage in the system with no apparent leak.

I won't attempt to give you a blow by blow, but only to say that after Greg's initial visit where he charged the system with the appropriate amount of refrigerant, my system, for the very first time, operated and behaved much like my old Lennox 2 speed unit installed at the home's completion in 1994. The new one never cooled properly nor would it take the home's temp down when desired without working for hours to drop a couple of degrees.

However, both Todd and Greg Rankin worked with Jan and I to fully understand what was going on with my current duct work and how it was under-engineered by Airtron many years ago. We are so pleased with the entire total performance of the system now as the room's temps are much more evenly distributed, the unit operates efficiently, outlet temps are an amazing 23-25 degrees under what is going back in the returns and that's on low speed no less.

Eddie and his crew are to be commended about their desire to "sweat the details" as they labored to make this install up to the standards of both himself, myself and what our home should have had in the first place. The city inspector came out Friday and said it was a beautiful job and gave it his immediate approval.

Just wanted you to know what you probably already knew and that is, you have a dedicated, professional and caring staff of folks in your organization. Only good things can happen for you and your company as you expand into the greater residential markets of San Antonio and beyond. Just don't get too big to care about the lonely phone call in the middle of the night when one of your customers has an issue as that's one of the things that separates you from the herd.
God bless and thanks so much again."

- Rod and Jan E.

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