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Wine enthusiasts that decide to invest in having a residential cellar installed have a true passion for their collection. The owner at Barrett & Sons personally oversees wine cellar refrigeration projects and ensures that the same, impeccable attention to detail is brought into your new cellar. As these wonderful undertakings require careful planning and an aptitude for quality, we guarantee you’ll love storing your favorite bottles and preserving great flavors for years.


What Makes Wine Cellars So Special?

Well, for starters, it’s crucial that wine collections are stored in an environment that is between 55 and 58 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, when maintaining a wine cellar, controlled humidity levels are necessary in order to preserve the cork – which is only achievable by adding a refrigeration system to the space (this is why air conditioning alone cannot suffice). While most residential HVAC companies do not have the experience and knowledge of refrigeration (let alone wine), Barrett & Sons are experts in the industry and can help you build the wine cellar of your dreams!

Why We Can Get the Job Done Right?

Compared to other residential and commercial air conditioning and heating companies, our talents and specialties outstand and outlast the competitors. Barrett & Sons’ years of experience delivering efficient and breathtaking wine cellar refrigeration has allowed us to build from nothing, large residential sitting rooms and multi-million dollar collections of rare vintages, including complete walk-in cooler designs with 16 thousand bottles in storage lockers.
We go the extra mile, assisting clients by doing the following:

  • Surveying their space
  • Determining the design and materials to be installed in the cellar
  • Obtaining a full capacity bottle count
  • Running load calculations for equipment selections
  • Discussing different applications of refrigeration equipment (ducted, non-ducted, self-contained)
  • Discussing controls (basic hard wire controls and sensors to smart thermostats and remote operation)
  • Reviewing installation process and design
  • Conducting turnkey installation and startup of the refrigeration system

Not only that, Barrett & Sons provides annual maintenance of your equipment, to ensure proper operation. We’ll even provide responsive service for repair of equipment, if needed. Our team of professionals is flexible and can work with a cellar designer, general contractor or client if they are the one managing the project. Plus, when it comes to the design and build, we can provide turnkey solutions for the entirety of the cellar – this will guarantee great and consistent results. Here, we take your needs seriously and are willing to remotely monitor cellars for clients that travel or need peace of mind.


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